“It’s not how hard you push along the way, it’s having something left inside of you to finish.”

Ben’s Zumba journey began in 2008 when he stumbled upon a class in progress. Since then, he’s been hooked. In 2010 Ben became a certified Zumba instructor and was inspired to use his innovation, creativity and passion. To this day, he has taught upwards of 1000 classes.
However, Ben has many passions besides Zumba. He has participated in well over 100 running races winning over 50 medals in the 5K/10K category. He has also won 5 age group championships in competitive trail running. His greatest feat came in 2010 when he became the first person to win an age group championship in both the Northern and Central Alberta 5 peaks sport series in the same year.
When Ben isn’t in the class teaching Zumba or on the trails running like a madman; he is behind the wheel of a 5-ton truck. So you could say that Ben has put a lot of kilometres on his odometer of life!

Q & A with Ben

What inspires you?

A challenge will always bring out the best in me.  Being a role model and mentor to others helps me strive to be the best at what I do.

What song moves you?

Danza Kuduro by Don Omar is still my favourite song!  I use this song in one of my routines, inspired by my mentor.

What do you love about your job?

I love the fact that people look forward to seeing me in class. It gives me a very positive and empowering feeling. I really look forward to giving my students a fun, hardworking and sweat-filled experience; all while creating relationships and meeting new people.

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