“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Backstage with Miss Cara

Founder / B.Comm, B.A, Zumba, High Five, AFLCA

Passion and energy led Miss Cara to her success as a dancer, fitness instructor and yoga teacher. She is a member of Alberta Fitness Leadership Association and has trained in Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, Lyrical, Latin styles and Ballet and is known for her Hip Hop and Latin choreography. She trained in New York and LA for several seasons, dance professionally in Mexico and the Dominican Republic and brought her unique hip hop and Latin style to Calgary. Her passionate pursuit led her to many opportunities; from performing overseas, to television roles, to commercials, movies and concerts. She also enjoys speaking at conferences and workshops with her Invest In Yourself series.

Miss Cara completed a combined degree from the University of Calgary in Business and Psychology with a focus in health psychology. During her studies, she traveled with the U of C Dance department to Africa learning African Styles of dance. Miss Cara served as a master trainer to World Health clubs for several years – designing and teaching a signature series called Cardio Jam. She also served as an ambassador for lululemon.

Miss Cara was previously Western Canada’s Student Entrepreneur for 2005 and a recipient of Global Television’s Woman of Vision for Arts and Culture in 2009. She has been featured in U Campus, Calgary Inc., Calgary Sun, Global Television,  Shaw Television and the Calgary Herald for her unique approach to fitness. She believes that when the mind is strong, natural progressions occur in the body and she strongly encourages all individuals to cross train. Her yoga certification is in yoga fusion which is a combination of both yoga and fitness.

She expands beyond the studio walls to offer dance, yoga and fitness programs to the public and catholic school district boards. She has been offering these programs  for over 15 years and was involved with SIFE for many years. She is on the business advisory board at the University of Calgary, has conducted workshops at the University of Calgary and various women’s retreats and she has spoken at several conferences with a message to inspire growth. She continues to volunteer her time with the business school and loves working with female entrepreneurs.

Aside from the studio, she has two amazing sons, that teach her new things everyday, as well as a wonderful husband. She is open to growth and has a mission to inspire growth. Soul Connexion is Calgary’s only dance, yoga and fitness studio and she is honoured to connect with such an amazing community of people.

Q & A with Cara

What inspires you?

The innocence of children and the laughter and joy they have.

What song moves you?

I was here by Beyonce

What do you love about your job?

Connecting with people and encouraging them to be present in the moment.

Describe Soul Connexion in one word