Roz Scalise

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
– Anonymous

18 years of intensive training and 12 years of teaching experience

Miss Roz began dancing at the age of 6. Starting with Ballet, she her way into different styles such as Hip-Hop, Jazz and Pointe; eventually competing and dancing professional for a local dance team. Wanting to share her passion and love for dancing, she got into teaching. Miss Roz has been teaching dance for about 7 years and enjoys developing her skills by attending workshops and classes in her spare time.

Miss Roz recently returned to Calgary after living in Boston for 4 years attending the New England College of Optometry. She received her degree in May 2015, and is currently practicing as an optometrist in Calgary.

This outgoing dancer has a lot of energy and enthusiasm that rubs off on all those who know her. She loves to dance and cannot wait to bust some moves at Soul Connexion.

Q & A with Roz

What inspires you?

People inspire me. We are all so different; everyone has their own story and their own way of life. How each person I meet impacts my life in some way or another is motivation to do what I do. Knowing that I can make a difference, I find that truly inspiring.

What song moves you?

Oh man, there are A LOT of songs that move me! Right now I would have to say, “Watch Out For This” by Major Lazer.

What do you love about your job?

I love getting to share my passion with others and hopefully spark some passion inside of them. Not to mention I get to listen to cool music while I work.

Describe Soul Connexion in one word