Class Descriptions

Our Annual Dance Programs run from September to June incorporating progressive dance, performance costumes and a year-end recital in Calgary. Dancers will be assessed during the first month of September to ensure that they are in a class that is enjoyable and suitable for their skill level.

Some of our classes include: Tiny Toes, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, DanceNastics, Jazz/Ballet & Jazz/Funk.


Calgary dance studios nw - Tiny Toes

Tiny Toes

This class is a wonderful way to introduce your little one into the world of dance and physical activity. Children will learn the basics in Jazz, Ballet and creative movement while developing their interpersonal skills and body awareness. Our positive and encouraging environment will allow your child to be one step ahead.

Calgary dance studios nw - Jazz


Originating from European and African cultures, Jazz has been continually evolving over the years. Traditional Jazz is closely connected to the genre of Jazz music and its family. It is a faster style of dance that incorporates technique, muscle strength and a variety of body lines. This is a great option for students who need to work on the technical components of dance.

Calgary dance studios nw - Ballet


Our ballet program follows the Cecchetti Syllabus which is used in pre-professional and professional ballet companies such as Alberta Ballet. Classes focus on improving body alignment, muscular strength, body flexibility and fluidity of movement. Ballet training is mandatory for all students participating in competition and is a great option for those who want to work on posture, technique and strength. Exam classes are also offered in all levels and are by invite and auditions only.

Calgary dance studios nw - Tap


Connect coordination with rhythm and style! You will learn a combination of technical positioning, unique sounds and rhythmic footwork. Tap is a combination of precise rhythmic patterns accompanied with different tempos and music genres. This is a great option for students who are musically inclined and love to move their feet.

Calgary dance studios NW - Hip Hop

Hip Hop

It is time to get a workout and learn the latest moves in a fun environment. You will learn the basics in both Hip-Hop and Funk including moves such as the moonwalk and krump, while learning freezes such as the kickstand. This class will teach you how to dance with style while working on your coordination, body isolations and strength.

Calgary dance studios NW - Lyrical


Lyrical puts the heart and soul onstage. It is a beautiful combination of ballet and jazz with emphasis on creativity and expression. By connecting technique with creativity, you will use the elements of music to guide your movements.

Calgary dance studios NW - Modern


Modern dance is a journey of exploration through a variety of abstract, interpretive and creative movements. Several styles of modern dance exist, combining a wide range of movement with technical steps. This is a wonderful option for dancers who want to explore their range of motion and focus on self-expression.

Calgary dance studios NW - Contemporary


This popular style of dance is about self-expression, creativity and abstract lines. Dancers who enjoy dancing “outside of the box” while combining different elements of dance genres will blossom and excel in this class.

Calgary dance studios NW - Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a character. Combining dance, drama and theatre is a fun and creative way to explore the many components of performance. The primary focus is on connecting song and dance through acting and bringing a character to life.

Calgary dance studios NW - DanceNastics


Students will learn coordination, body control and creativity in this fun and active class where movement, balance, and strength are incorporated. Students will learn handstands, walkovers, cartwheels, somersaults, tumbles, bridges, and basic dance and floor work. DanceNastics will allow children to explore the arts upside down and around in the fun and safe class.

Calgary dance studios NW - Funk


Soul Connexion’s goal is to offer a varied selection of dance classes for our dancers. Every season we take into consideration classes that our current students would like to register. Please contact us any time with your feedback or wish list.

Calgary dance studios NW - Competition Acro

Competition Acro

Competition Acro class will improve your strength, flexibility, body awareness and overall dance skills as you learn basic acrobatics and floor gymnastics. Progress with turns, jumps and off the floor moves incorporating cartwheels, aerials, handsprings, walk-overs, dive rolls, and more. Please note: This class is reserved for our competitive dancers.

Calgary dance studios NW - Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Embrace your feminine energy while working on body isolations! The timeless art of belly dancing is the hottest way to limber up, burn calories and energize your body. It incorporates traditional steps of belly dancing to help tone your abs, legs, hips, and arms, while training your body to move in a new way.