Class Selections


This Latin-inspired class is the perfect combination of dance and fitness. Students will challenge their cardiovascular system and muscle endurance. Be prepared to shake your hips to this feel-happy workout!


Students will experience a full body workout as students they’re put to the test with toning and conditioning exercises. Intervals and drills are used to teach students core stability, muscle endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular stamina. Our instructors are fully certified under CanFit Pro and can customize a program for all ages and ability.


Allow your students to learn body awareness, breath and relaxation techniques while increasing flexibility. All styles of yoga are taught including: Hatha, Ashtanga, Relaxation, Restorative and Vinyassa. Our teachers are fully certified with experience teaching young children.


This style of dance originated from the European and African Cultures and has been continually evolving over the years. Jazz became well known in the 1930’s when it came to life in Hollywood productions. Traditional Jazz is closely connected to Jazz music, and like music, there are many sub-styles. Jazz is a faster style of dance that incorporates technique, muscle strength and a variety of bodylines and levels. This is a great option for students who want to work on the technical components of dance.

Hip Hop/Funk

Hip Hop is a popular style of dance that hit the floor in the 1970’s and primarily originated from the United States. The style is very low to the ground with emphasis placed on body isolations, contractions and flow. Funk, which is a similar style, has more upbeats and explores a variety of levels. Both styles are great cardiovascular workouts as muscle memory, strength endurance and coordination are put to the test. This is an excellent form of dance for students who want to let loose and have fun.


This style of expressive dance originated in the 19th century and has many ballet influences. Modern dance is a journey of exploration through a variety of abstract and interpretive and creative movements. Several styles of modern dance exist, combining free range of movement with technical steps. This is a wonderful option for dancers who want to explore their range of motion and focus on self-expression.


This is a popular partner dance enjoyed worldwide. Salsa developed in several Latin American countries with each country having a slightly different rhythm, body placements and emphasis. Salsa incorporates smooth hip movement, torso control and full body coordination. This is a great partner dance for students to explore.


African dance is a major part of everyday life for African citizens. It is used as a way to express, pray and celebrate all aspects of life. This grounded style of dance heavily uses the legs, is extremely energetic and incorporates the entire body while moving to different drumming sequences. This is a fun class that students at any level can enjoy.


Lyrical is a beautiful combination of ballet and jazz while placing more emphasis on creativity and expression. By connecting technique with creativity, dancers use the lyrics of a song to guide their movements. This is a great choice for dancers who wish to tell a story through their movements.

Musical Theatre

Combining dance, drama and theatre is a fun and creative way to explore performance. The primary focus is on connecting song and dance through acting and performing. Musical Theatre is a great class for those who wish to expand their comfort levels and start performing.

Mini Movers

Mini Movers is a fun and active fine arts program that allows children to develop social skills and talents at a young age. Children will participate in dance, yoga and fitness classes while enjoying drama, art and music lessons. We are happy to customize the curriculum around a theme of your choice filled with imagination and creativity. We interact and teach our students every moment of every day. Come join the fun!

Tiny Toes

This class is the perfect way to introduce all the little dancers to movement and music in a fun and encouraging environment. Basic Jazz and Ballet steps will be taught focusing on active body placement and awareness. The dance classes will finish with games and fun for all the dancers to enjoy. Introduce your dancer to a healthy and active lifestyle right from the start!


Students will learn coordination, body control and creativity in this fun and active class where movement, balance, and strength are incorporated. Students will learn handstands, walkovers, cartwheels, somersaults, tumbles, bridges, and basic dance and floor work. Allow children to explore the arts upside down and around in the fun and safe class.


This is the perfect combination of yoga, balance, strength and floor gymnastics. Students will learn basic yoga poses while working up to dynamic balances like cartwheels and rolls. Kids will 
experience improved core stability, balance, concentration and body awareness. This fun and encouraging class is the perfect way to show kids yoga upside down and around. Join the movement today!

Fit Kids

Get the kids moving and grooving at a young age while improving cardiovascular strength and muscle endurance. This exercise class, designed exclusively for children, incorporates fun games and challenging drills that will put everyone’s fitness level to the test. This class is perfect for kids who have a ton of energy and want to let it all out in a positive, safe, fun and encouraging environment.

Kids Yoga

Start your students on the path of activity, focus and relaxation. Kids can experience the many benefits of yoga including core stability, improved balance, enhanced concentration and decrease in levels of stress. This fun and encouraging class will teach children how to be calm while receiving the many benefits yoga has to offer.

Song & Dance

Students will be introduced to the world of Musical Theater in this fun class filled with singing, dancing and music. Learn coordination, body control and creativity in this fun and active class where song meets dance.

Mom & Baby Yoga

Enjoy a class with your baby in a positive and encouraging environment while having a safe workout at the same time. This class is designed specifically for Moms who have recently had a baby that want to get back into the swing of things. This one hour class brings mental and physical benefits to both Mom and baby.