We are currently accepting bookings for the 2018-2019 school year! All grades and skill levels are welcome.

Programs Offered

View all program offerings here. Exploring the performing arts is a wonderful journey that allows students to express themselves in a healthy and positive way. Learning how to dance helps students understand that being active is FUN.


Dancing connects the mind and body and is a great source of physical education. Our programs are taught in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment – an environment proven to increase confidence and desire to learn a new skill. Dancing has also been proven to decrease depression, promote a healthy sense of self and inspire creativity. Aside from cardiovascular and strength training, executing coordination and balance also increases memory. Dancing is a full-body workout and all of our programs can be individually customized to meet the needs of your group!

Mini – 1 to 3 days

A mini program is a great way to introduce the dance unit to your students. The teacher will demonstrate a variety of steps for students to incorporate into their dances. The mini program will teach students basic choreography, timing and warm up exercises. Only one style of dance is recommended for the mini program.

Standard – 5 days

The standard program is the most popular amongst schools as it provides students with a good foundation of dance steps. Students will learn a set warm up, across the floor exercises and a couple of pieces of choreography. Each day, the students will be challenged with core stability, isolations and body awareness. This is an excellent way to set students up for success.

Intensive – 2+ weeks

The intensive program is designed to work on technique and choreography while showcasing a variety of steps. Teachers have the option to have one style of dance for the entire program or have a combination of two or three different styles. The intensive program provides students with a solid dance foundation. As like most sports and activities, the more practice, the better.