Soul Connexion offers a wide variety of yoga classes and variations for all levels of experience, from beginner yoga to advanced yoga. Check our drop-in yoga schedule often to discover new classes or to sign up for your favourite yoga class. Please note, registrations for Drop-in Classes are not refundable if you miss the class.

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Please note we have opened up some of our registered classes that are not full to drop-in students. These classes are included in the Monthly Unlimited Membership. 

Beginner Yoga Classes Calgary

If you are new to yoga and would like to try a class, you may feel overwhelmed with the many yoga styles and unfamiliar terminology: Hatha, Heated, Vinyassa, Flow, Shavasana, etc.

Although there is much to learn about this ancient discipline, our yoga instructors will guide you through the key steps of a yoga practice. Our Yoga Studio in Calgary always welcomes new students with a wide range of beginner yoga classes. Our goal is to make you feel supported and motivated so that you can experience the benefits of the practice.

beginner yoga classes calgary