Our schedule is carefully planned to offer you a great variety of yoga classes in Calgary NW. Each season we bring new and exciting classes for all ages and levels of experience. Seasonal Yoga Programs are delivered in 12/8 week terms beginning in January, April, July and September.

Registration opens at least 2 months before the season begins. We encourage early registration to ensure class placement.

Winter Spring Summer Fall
Season Dates Jan – March April – June July – Aug Sept – Dec
Registration Opens Nov 1 Feb 1 May 1 June 1

Summer Session

July – August

Fall Session

September – December

Prenatal Yoga Calgary

Find comfort in your pregnancy! Our Prenatal Yoga class is a safe and welcoming class that is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. You will learn basic postures and poses that will help you relax, alleviate lower back pain, relax your muscles and achieve higher levels of body awareness.

Enjoy a class for yourself, meet other Mom’s and find time to relax and connect to your baby.

prenatal yoga calgary