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Adelina Fabiano


Adelina Fabiano
BFA, B.Ed, M.Ed in Developmental Psychology, M.A in Counselling Psychology, RYT, Yin Trained

Adelina began studying yoga almost twenty years ago when one of her wise university instructors introduced it to the class as a warm up to acting. Yoga and meditation have become an integral part of Adelina’s life for it gives her the space, silence and stillness to connect to her truest self.

When not practicing yoga, Adelina enjoys travel, spending time in the mountains or on beaches, exploring new cultures, acting, poetry, reading, and time with her loved ones.

Adelina has been a classroom teacher for many years teaching everything from kindergarten to high school. With a profound interest in psychology and mental health, Adelina is currently completing her studies in counselling psychology where she hopes to provide clients with empathy, and a supportive space where they can be themselves, thrive, restore hope, and find a sense of peace and acceptance.

Q & A with Adelina

What inspires you?

  • The resiliency of people, no matter what age. It’s never too late

What song moves you?

  • “Where is the love” by Black Eyed Peas

What do you love about your job?

  • The opportunity to encourage. To inspire people to believe in themselves, and develop self-compassion

Describe Soul Connexion in one word:

  • Genuine

Adelina Fabiano
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