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Costume and Music Selections

We have decided to make a change to the process this year and have created a Google Spreadsheet that you will all be able to access. We ask that you please input all of your information into this document. It is your responsibility to check to ensure that the costume you are selecting, has not already been chosen. As discussed, in the event of a duplicate choice, PC and COMP classes will be given priority before September 30.


A few things to note:

  1. If you have boys in your class, please insert an additional column for the boys and add their costume details

  2. If you are selecting multiple costume styles or colours for specific kids in your class, please also complete the original costume form document and clearly outline your order. Please indicate in "other details" that you have additional ordering information so that nothing gets missed!

  3. You are welcome to research costume selections online or use the books at the studio. I have placed the newest books on the bottom shelf of the teacher bookshelf.

  4. All costume and music selections are due by October 14.

Costume Order Forms 2022-2023
Download DOCX • 15KB

Costume and Music Selections
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