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Annual Dance Programs

Looking for a dance studio that will inspire and challenge your child to reach their potential? We understand the importance of placing children in positive environments. Our wide variety of dance styles and levels are offered in different divisions based on your child's goals, talent and interest levels. Dance is more than just steps, it’s confidence for life.

Our annual children's dance programs are offered for pre-competitive, competitive and recreational divisions providing children with diverse performing opportunities.  Classes start in September and run through until June. All of our annual students participate in the year-end show at the end of the annual season to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments.

Annual classes allow your child to progress through each level in a way that builds their confidence throughout the year. The annual dance program provides children with the opportunity to progress and work towards a goal of learning choreography and performing on stage. Sign your child up for Soul Connexion’s annual dance classes.

Our wide variety of recreational and competitive dance classes for ages 2 to adult are designed for all skill levels. We teach our students strong technique, positive sportsmanship, and a well-rounded attitude. Through our curriculum and within each class, our underlying message remains consistent – have fun and instill the love of dance!

Dance is more than steps – it’s all about the connection.

Designated 2024-2025 Annual Registration Dates (Pay No Reg Fee):

Competitive: April 22-24, 2024

Pre Competitive: April 25-27, 2024

Current Annual Students: May 1-7, 2024

Annual Registration Open to Public: May 8, 2024

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