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Seasonal Dance Programs

We know kids love variety and that's why we offer programs that are short-term. If you are looking to provide your child with the opportunity to sample dance before committing to an annual program, the short seasonal programs are great. We offer a variety of dance programs including Ballet, DanceNastics, Hip-Hop, Belly dancing, Funk, and more. We also provide classes for younger children ages 3-5, Mom & Tot classes, Teen dance, and Adult classes.

Our seasonal programs run in 4-12 week sessions and are available in fall, winter, spring, and summer. You can join anytime and try a new style each season to keep things fresh.  Take the first step and find a style that feels good. It’s time to feel it, live it, and be it. Whatever your goal is, the first step is signing up. Once you are in, we take care of the rest.

FALL seasonal classes are now available. Register today!

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