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Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz is a captivating dance form that has appealed to audiences for generations with its rhythmic flair, improvisational spirit, and storytelling through movement.


The journey into the world of jazz is a journey into the heart and soul of dance itself. It's a dance style that possesses the power to transport both the dancer and the audience into a realm of groove and self-expression. Jazz's timeless expression, characterized by its syncopated steps, smooth spins, and expressive isolations, ignites the imagination.

At Soul Connexion in NW Calgary, our jazz classes are led by instructors who are more than just teachers; they are dedicated mentors who are deeply passionate about jazz and its transformative potential. They bring years of experience to the studio, having trained and performed in prestigious jazz ensembles. Their commitment to helping each student develop not only technically, but also as an artist sets our jazz program apart.

Recreational Dance

Our recreational classes are designed to inspire and keep students active in a fun and engaging environment.


With a variety of dance styles to choose from, we're confident that there's something enjoyable for everyone. Our programs run from September to June, and our dancers have the opportunity to showcase their skills at a year-end showcase.


Additionally, we host two viewing days throughout the year for families to observe the class setting and see the growth of their child.

Pre-Competitive Dance

Our pre-competitive dance program offers a great way for dancers to explore a competitive experience without a significant commitment.


Students in our pre-competitive program have performance opportunities throughout the year, including a Gala performance, one competition and a year-end showcase.


To excel in their routines, students are required to take a minimum of two classes, focusing on skill development.

Competitive Dance

Our competitive dance team is designed for those looking to take their training to the next level.


To excel, competitive dancers commit to a minimum of four hours per week of training, enabling them to reach new levels of growth. Many competitive dancers dedicate six to eight hours per week to achieve excellence.


Our competitive dancers participate in four competitions, a Gala performance and a year-end showcase. Please reach out to learn more about the requirements for your dancer.


Jazz is more than just a sequence of steps...'s a language of the soul. It allows dancers to communicate emotions, tell stories, and evoke feelings through every movement. Our jazz classes encourage this form of creative expression, enabling students to explore the depths of their artistry while developing outstanding technique.


One of the most rewarding moments for any dancer is the opportunity to perform on stage. It's a chance to share your passion and hard work with an appreciative audience. At Soul Connexion, we provide our annual dancers with the opportunity to perform on stage at our year-end recital. In addition, our pre-competitive dancers compete once each year and our Competitive students compete in four competitions throughout the year. These moments not only celebrate your progress but also help you build confidence and stage presence.


Jazz is welcome to all as it is the foundation of dance and sets dancers up for success in all styles. Our jazz classes provide a nurturing environment for growth and self-expression for all ages.


We've designed our jazz studio to enhance your dance experience. The spacious and fully sprung dance floor and mirrored walls create an inspiring atmosphere where you can flourish as a dancer. We believe that the right environment is essential for fostering growth and nurturing a love for jazz.

Why Families Choose Soul Connexion?

Our positive and inspiring environment is one of the reasons why more people are choosing our studio. Experience a non-intimidating environment that encourages people to come as they are and feel like a star. We believe that movement is good for the soul. Our personal approach to instruction encourages self-confidence in our students and puts their goals in motion. 

All Ages Welcome

Dance isn't just for kids or aspiring performers. We offer dance classes for all ages and levels, from young learners taking their first steps in dance to adults rediscovering their passion for movement.

State of The Art Studio

Immerse yourself in the world of dance in a state-of-the-art studio designed to inspire. Our spacious studio and modern facilities provide the perfect setting for your dance journey.


Showcase your dance skills in our annual recitals and performances. It's an opportunity to step into the spotlight and celebrate your progress.


Join Us & Discover The Benefits Dance Has to Offer

Discover the energy of jazz at Soul Connexion. Whether you're a new dancer or returning to your previous passion, our jazz classes will make you feel right at home. Contact us at (403) 567-0070 to start your jazz journey today.


All ages are welcome to join jazz classes at Soul Connexion. Our mission is to inspire, nurture, and empower dancers of all ages and levels.

Click below to start your jazz journey today. Dance with Calgary's most inspiring studio that lets you come alive, connect inside, and feel the vibe.

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