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Ballet Exam Overview

Develop Your Ballet Technique

About Our Ballet Exams

Ballet Exams are very rewarding as it helps dancers work towards a goal to receive personalized feedback. Dancers will be awarded a personalized certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance in the level completed to celebrate their hard work and dedication.


 You will continue to train in your current classes practicing the ballet syllabus two times per week, reviewing material on the RAD app, and are required to attend exam preparation classes on the following weekends:


Dancers must be registered in 2+ classes (Ballet and Ballet Tech) to ensure they are practicing the ballet syllabus two times per week. 

Performance​ and Extra Rehearsals

Competitive dancers aged 6+ will have opportunities to perform a snippet of their ballet syllabus in the Year End Showcase.


Dancers are expected to review their material weekly on the RAD mobile app and are required to attend all exam preparation classes on weekends. Additional privates at an extra cost may be required due to missed rehearsals or if you are not ready to take the exam. To keep a strong mindset, dancers are required to come to class in proper ballet dance attire & hair each week.


If you are ready to begin your Ballet Exam journey, simply email us at for more details on what you need to get started.

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