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Want your child to feel energized and engaged in 2022?
We want that too and are making it easy for you to jump in and join the fun in January.

Presenting Our Limited-Time Dancing Deal...

From December 13 – 15, current and new students that add a 6-month class to their schedule starting in January will receive FREE dance shoes. This is a great dancing deal you want to take advantage of. Just imagine the new shoes under the Christmas tree to surprise your child with.

Please note that 10-12 week seasonal programs are not included in Dancing Day Deals.

Dance SHoes.png

How Do I Get Free Dance Shoes?

Choose from a variety of styles below to find the perfect class for your child. Simply register for a 6-Month Dance Program below and we will apply the free shoes to your account! The programs that apply to dancing deals have the name 6-Month in the name. 

Allow your child to shine in the classroom and on stage, building confidence and creativity one step at a time.

Join the fun in January and register December 13-15 and our shoes are on us!

How to Register?

  1. Find your class below and register online between December 13-15

  2. Call us at (403) 567-0070 and register over the phone

  3. Email us at to let us assist you

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