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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before you register your child. 

What can I expect from the program?

An experience that is active, educational, and creative. It will build self-esteem and social skills in a positive and encouraging environment.

How is your Fine Arts Club different from a preschool or daycare?

Our Fine Arts Club is a fun and active program that allows children to develop social skills and talents at a young age. Children participate in dance, yoga, and fitness classes while enjoying drama, art, and music lessons.


Each week the students will enjoy a theme such as animals, seasons, or feelings and will learn the alphabet, numbers, and letters. There are five separate classes each day filled with opportunities for imagination and creativity.

How old does my child need to be?

Mini Movers: ages 2-3 (must be at least 2 years old the first day of the program). Mini Movers is the perfect class for all 2- and 3-year-olds that are new to non-parented programs.

Little Movers: ages 3-4 (must be at least 3 years old the first day of the program). Little Movers builds on skills learned in Mini Movers and is appropriate for children at least 3 years of age with experience (at least 6 months) in a non-parented setting. Children must be fully potty trained.

Kinder Movers: ages 4-5 (must be at least 4 years old the first day of the program). Kinder Movers builds on skills learned in Little Movers and is appropriate for children at least 4 years of age with significant experience in a non-parented setting. Children must be fully potty trained.

Please note that we assess all of our students during the first few weeks and may make recommendations to transfer between levels, if appropriate. Our goal is to ensure your child has the best and most positive experience possible.

Do I drop my child off is this a parented class?

This is not a parented class – you drop off your child for the 2-hour class. Parents will be invited to watch during designated parent viewing weeks (Viewing dates will be announced for each class).

What can I expect during drop-off? Am I able to stay?

Our teachers are trained in child development and know-how to deal with separation anxiety. You will be encouraged to say your good-byes and allow the teachers to take your child to class. If this is your child’s first time in a non-parented setting, it will definitely take time for them to feel secure and comfortable. It is common for children to cry anywhere from 5-20 minutes for the first 4-6 weeks. Our goal is to ensure your child feels safe, confident, and inspired and we have outlined our integration policy below.

First Class – Parents are invited to attend the first 30-40 minutes of class. If your child has siblings, they are more than welcome to attend as well. Children feed off their parent’s energy – when the parent is relaxed, the child is more likely to be relaxed. Teachers will lead a 15-30-minute welcome orientation and connect with the parents and collect all personal profiles. This is your opportunity to get to know the teachers and connect with them. After the orientation is complete, parents will be kindly asked to leave, and children will explore and interact with one another. The goal is to set your child up for success and build trust and confidence.

Second Class – Parents are welcome to come in the room for the first 15 minutes to help their child settle. After 15 minutes we kindly ask that all parents say goodbye to their child and leave the studio. This will allow us to build trust with your child.

Third Class – Parents are welcome to bring the child into the classroom and have free play with their child for 5 minutes.

Fourth Class – Parents say goodbye in the lobby area and teachers bring the students back into the room. If your child cries, it is best to leave them with us so we can redirect and build rapport with them. If your child is still unsettled after 30 minutes, we will call you and provide you with an update. At this time, we can come up with a suitable plan.

What if my child has separation anxiety?

It’s perfectly normal for children to have anxiety and separation issues when they first begin. Our teachers are prepared to help your child adjust to this new dynamic of leaving mom or dad at the door. In the beginning, we give your child approximately 30 minutes to ease into the class.

Our teachers are well trained in comforting your child and easing them into the class. If your child is still upset and feeling scared, our teachers will call you. Usually, within 3-4 drop-offs, your child will understand the routine and will be comfortable with attending class independently.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

If you are enrolling your child in level I, they do not need to be potty trained. However, we do ask that you please send extra diapers and/or pullups with your child’s name on them.

In order to be eligible for Little Movers & Kinder Movers, children must be fully potty trained.


How many children are in the class?

We accept between 6 to 12 students in each class, and we have two certified teachers working with the children. Our standard ratio is one teacher for every 6 children. Class sizes depend on the number of teachers in the room and the available room space.


What is the background of the teachers?

All of our teachers have experience working with children ages 2-5. They all possess unique certifications, degrees, and diplomas, and are passionate about working with this age group!


Why is your program so expensive?

Please consider what you are comparing our program to. Our program is designed exclusively for this age group and our ratios are 1:6 as opposed to 1:10 in other programs. We have 2 teachers per 12 students, and we are the only program in Calgary that currently accepts 2-year-olds.


Do I have to pay the full amount at the time of registration?

Yes, our 8 to 12-week sessions must be paid for upfront at the time of registration to guarantee your child's spot.


What does my child need for the class?

Please pack diapers, a change of clothes, and soft-soled footwear such as Robeez or ballet/dance shoes. Students also need a nut-free snack in a lunch bag with their names on it. Please put your child’s name on all backpacks, lunch bags, reusable cups, and diapers.


What if my child does not like the class?

We are very confident in our program, but if for some reason it is not a fit for your child, we will place a credit on your account for the remaining amount of the program. Please note withdrawal must take place within 30 days of the program start date. Due to the limit of space in each program, we do not offer refunds.


Can I make up a class if I miss one?

Unfortunately, all of our classes are full and at a capacity that does not allow children to make up classes. Refunds and credits are not provided for missed classes.

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