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Parent Viewing Week Reminders

Parent Viewing Week - Stay Calm and Dance On

Remember you are awesome and skilled at your job. Parents are there to cheer on their kids.

A few tips to help you shine – Prepare for the best!

  • Be punctual, organized and on time

  • Dress for success – proper dance attire, hair pulled back and dance shoes or bare feet – no socks

  • Playlists ready to go

  • Class outline ready

Day of Class

  1. Welcome parents and guests with a smile

  2. Introduce yourself to the parents and let them know what you have been working on and what the new year will look like. Tell them what they will see today and let them know they can ask questions in the chat if they would like.

  3. Attendance – call the kids by their name.

  4. Class flow: Attendance, warm up, across the floor, center floor, choreography, games. Stay positive and give group corrections and positive reinforcement.

  5. Finish class a few minutes early and let them know of upcoming events – summer camps, summer, seasonal programs and annual dance registration. Postcard going home with all students. Thank parents for coming.

  6. Hand out Seasonal gifts if necessary or dismiss the class.

Dance, Breathe, Live – YOU GOT THIS!

Parent Viewing Week Reminders
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