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Alissa Lee

Dance Teacher

Alissa Lee

Completion of grade 6 in the ISTD ballet syllabus, 11 years of technical dance training + 2 years in a competitive hip hop crew

Originally from Winnipeg MB, Miss Alissa moved to Calgary for her combined degree in Dance + Kinesiology. She has trained in various styles of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater, Contemporary, Modern, Funk and Hip Hop. She has also had the pleasure of working with artists such as Esie Mensah, Genie Baffoe, Katelyn Pemoller, Edgar Gilbert-Reyes, and many more.

Although she has trained in all styles, Miss Alissa took a special interest in Hip Hop and successfully auditioned for BOSS dance team and IllFX Education, which are both competitive Hip Hop crews. Miss Alissa has training in old school hip hop, animation, vogue, tutting, locking, breaking, and house.

Miss Alissa started her dance career early, with many opportunities stemming from her arts-based high school. At age 16, she choreographed at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for Manitoba Dance Day alongside Genie Baffoe and Romeo Suban. When she was 17, Miss Alissa co-produced a city-wide charity dance show for environmental awareness. With an audience of over 300, the show raised almost $5,000 and included unique styles like aerial acrobatics and urban contemporary.

Teaching and choreographing is something Miss Alissa has loved to do since she started dancing. She believes that dance can provide so many wonderful opportunities to those who are passionate and willing to work hard. It is a perfect balance between artistry, athleticism, and performance skills.

Miss Alissa is very excited to be sharing her passion and art with the community at Soul Connexion.

Q & A with Alissa

What inspires you?

  • Music! I feel as though dance can be viewed as a visual interpretation of the song

What song moves you?

  • Any song with a 6/8 time signature, but Dive by Ed Sheeran has to be my favourite!

What do you love about your job?

  • I love being able to share my knowledge of technical and stylistic principles and watching them take that information, apply it, and then shape it into their own interpretation and style. Each dancer has their own voice and I love hearing them all.

Describe Soul Connexion in one word

  • Supportive

Alissa Lee
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