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Denise Nerier

Dance Teacher / Soul Sister

Denise Nerier

Denise was a very shy little kid until she was enrolled in dance at 3 years old. She has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Tap. Her favourite style has to be Jazz, but she has a soft spot for Lyrical.

Growing up in Calgary, she was a competitive dancer for eight years and fell in love with being on stage. Her love for teaching kids began as a student apprentice at her old studio. Denise is currently part of the Crossroads Dance Productions roaster and has performed in shows with YYC Arts. She is continuing her training as a dancer in the Edge Studios Post-Graduate Program.

Denise is also a full-time student currently in her second year at the University of Calgary for Biological Sciences. She is so excited to be a Soul Sister and a teacher this year. She couldn't be happier to be back in the studio and share her love for dance.

Q & A with Denise

What inspires you?

I am inspired by people and the stories they have to share. To be fully present when I am around others, I allow myself to discover aspects of my life that I can reconnect with.

What song moves you?

this is me trying by Taylor Swift.

What do you love about your job?

Whether I am working at the desk or teaching the dancers, I love being able to connect with so many people. I love hearing their stories and when I teach, it's so powerful to watch their accomplishments in each class and see their growth.

Describe Soul Connexion in one word.


Denise Nerier
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