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More than Dance Steps – Skills for Life

Dance classes teach children skills for life. There are many benefits of dance including the development of social skills, learning respect and discipline, and the value of being a valuable member of a team. Children are never too young to start learning! If you are looking for a way to help your child learn important life skills, here are some skills that can be developed through dance classes.


Dancing helps children develop self-discipline. Dance teaches children to be mindful of others and acknowledge authority by giving them a space to perform with good manners, great behavior, and self-control. In dance class, children are given the opportunity to learn how to manage new situations, make good decisions, and solve challenges. Discipline allows your child to handle difficulty and commit to everything they do.


Yes, dance is a team sport. In dance class, every dancer must follow the direction of the dance instructors, but also be aware of their teammates and work together as choreography is learned. Dancers listen to each other and follow directions. Dance is a sport that requires teamwork to achieve a common goal.


Children are encouraged to engage in creativity when dancing. Dance is a space where they can act out their thoughts and express emotion and imagination. Creative children can think of new ideas and solve problems by thinking outside of the box. Exercising the use of creativity will increase their capacity for learning in other areas of life.


Dancing is about being responsible and hardworking. Dance can be learned and improved upon, but what sets a dancer apart from others is their hard work and dedication. Dancers who are responsible, know the importance of arriving on time and completing a proper warm-up before beginning their class or rehearsal. They understand the importance of commitment and regularly show up for all classes and rehearsals.

Spatial Awareness

The skill of spatial awareness is a key part of learning to dance. Spatial awareness is understanding the space around us. Dance teachers may use dots, shapes, or colours to guide children to stand in a specific space, so they can move and dance without bumping into another classmate. This teaches your child to be aware of their space and the personal “bubbles” of others. This is an important skill your child will use in school and on the playground when they interact with others.


Dancers use their listening skills in dance class. They need to pay careful attention to the dance instructor so they can learn the techniques and steps of each move. When dancers listen, they can stay on beat and enhance their musical talent. Good listening skills allow for children to succeed in school and create healthy communication with their peers, teachers and parents.


When children experience challenges in their dance class, they will learn the skill of how to express themselves in a safe and healthy way. Dancers will also discover how to overcome their feelings and persevere. One of the greatest benefits of dance is to provide your child with the freedom to express and embrace their emotions with movements in a safe environment. The support dancers receive from their dance instructors will increase their self-esteem and confidence.


Respect for others is very important in a dance class setting. Dancers are taught to respect each other’s space, thoughts, and ideas, to listen to others, to take turns, to share and so much more. Dance provides a space where your child will feel comfortable, and gain confidence in themselves while respecting those around them.

Are you looking for a great way for your child to have fun and develop important skills that will provide them with a great future? Dance classes are a fantastic option! At Soul Connexion, we have exceptional teachers that are trained to inspire your child not only how to dance, but how to be part of something much bigger! We believe in enhancing your child’s emotional and social development, so they can do well in all areas of their life. We inspire creativity and our teachers will motivate your child to dance with excitement, confidence, and passion.

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