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The Importance of Teaching Children Inner Calm

An important part of a child’s development is experiencing complex emotions such as stress and anxiety. As parents, we want to help our children find tools and resources to teach them healthy ways to handle these feelings. Finding inner calm, the ability to maintain calmness under pressure, can be an essential part of our toolbox as parents.

When children find their inner calm, their ability to handle natural stresses becomes second nature. Children can learn to accept things as they are, respond in an emotionally mature way, and find success in management over their emotions. Here are a few benefits of why taking time to slow down and find calmness is essential for a child’s development:

Emotional Stability

Children who can find their inner calm can regulate their emotions, meaning they can manage stress and anxiety in a healthy way that bypasses feelings of overwhelm. Children can have control over their feelings and emotions, leading to emotional maturity and intelligence.

Improved Focus and Concentration

Inner calm allows kids to focus on the task at hand and improve their concentration. Especially important for children in school, inner calm can help them to learn and retain information better.

Better Relationships

Children are better able to communicate and interact with others in a positive way when they find their inner calm. Those who practice their ability to self-regulate can develop stronger relationships and fewer struggles with peers and family members.

Physical Health

Inner calm has an incredibly positive effect on physical wellness. Stress and anxiety can lead to creating physical symptoms in the body, and inner calm can help to alleviate these symptoms.

Mental Health

Just like physical health, inner calm can also have a positive effect on children’s mental health. Children who can find their inner calm are less likely to develop mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Inner Calm Strategies

Here are a few strategies that are helpful to make moments count: inner calm can strengthen your connection to your kids, increase their calmness, and help them develop their confidence:

Setting Goals

Create a growth mindset with your children by asking them to set a goal in the morning. When you drive your kids to school or get them ready for the day, asking them to set an intention for the day creates the potential for the rest of the day. Inviting your children to think about something they can work towards allows them to see what is possible. When this happens, their brain will look for more possibilities during the day that will help them to achieve the goal they have chosen for that day and adopt a growth mindset.

Quiet Time

Quiet time or “no-screen” time fosters creativity and children can see the benefit of this either for a full day or certain hours each day. Children will be encouraged to use their imaginations, embrace play, and be creative. Although in the age of technology, this can be a stretch for kids, it creates space for them to explore and play with each other and enjoy being kids. When kids are creative, they can find solutions to problems rather than just see roadblocks. It’s okay for children to be bored and not entertained all the time; this is what creates creativity!

Open Communication

Teach your children communication skills so they can increase their confidence. When you have meals together, have each person share one thing about their day and ask a question to another family member. Remaining engaged in conversation and practicing active listening models communication for children. When we are present, our connection to others is strengthened, which allows our self-esteem to increase.

Breathing Techniques

Practicing slow, even breaths can help decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. Breathing techniques can help children feel calm so they can self-regulate and be in control of their emotions. Children need to be shown how to take deep breaths and how counting to 3 can allow their bodies to relax and their minds to reset.


Consider a yoga class! Kids’ yoga classes are amazing at incorporating all of these skills and use games and activities to teach them how to take full deep breaths and calm their minds and body. In kids’ yoga classes, they will tap into their imaginations and learn stretches, postures, and poses to bring them balance and harmony, which they can use every day, all while having fun. Yoga is a great opportunity to learn mindfulness and tap into calmness and is great for children and adults alike.


Emotions take no less than seven seconds to be processed through the body after the chemicals have been released. It’s important to validate emotions and feelings when they come; inviting children to take deep breaths when they are upset, anxious, or sad, allows them to process their emotions and validate their feelings. When children are validated, they gain confidence. Teaching children how to process emotions is key to being able to connect back to their calmness.

When children can experience calmness, have a growth mindset, and be able to communicate, it allows them to take on the stress and challenges of any day. When we give our children life tools they can use at any time, it allows them to feel confident about who they are and what they can accomplish.

At Soul Connexion, we aim to create a supportive and uplifting atmosphere that makes us a popular choice for families. Our non-intimating environment welcomes all to feel comfortable and shine like a star. We believe that movement nourishes the soul, and our individualized teaching methods build confidence and encourage goal-setting in our students.

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