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Connecting to Classes and Programs: consider what your child needs right now to find the perfect fit

"To find an activity or class that your child will love, ask them what their interests are, and show them short videos demonstrating the sport or activity."

Are you debating enrolling your child in a class during these changing times and feel a bit-overwhelmed? I hear you. As a working mom of three young children, I understand the fears and hopes you have, and the daily demands placed on you. We all want to do our best and make decisions that will positively impact our children. When looking for the perfect class consider if your child needs a modo booster, the lie skills you want your child to develop, and their individual interests. If you are unsure, read along!

If you are looking for a mood booster for your child, physical actively is definitely the answer. A strong connection exists between exercise, levels of happiness, and overall health. Every time a child is active, feel-good neurotransmitters are released, increasing the child's overall mood which will help them navigate life's daily challenges. Over time experiencing position emotions on a routine basis provides a child with a positive outlook in lie and helps build their confidence. If you are worried that your child will be too tired after school to participate, I promise you that structured and engaged sport will energize them and be the perfect finish to their day.

As depression and anxiety rates continue to ruse amongst children, it's impossible to remember that meeting physical, social, and emotional needs are vital to a child's overall wellbeing. Children need to feel connected with other children. Developing routines and habits in children provides a mind and body connection early on that impacts their lives for future years. When children feel good in their bodies and have positive mindsets, their level of overall confidence also increases. I believe, as a parent, the greatest gift we can give our children is the gift of confidence. Providing an outlet for your child to be active, meet friends and experience an emotional release is the best gift you can give you child.

Regardless of the sport, class, or activity you are considering, remembering children are benefiting from more than the actual class. They are learning life skills that go beyond the sport or activity. Classes teach children work ethic, commitment, time management, creativity, athleticism, sportsmanship and social skills. These life skills empower children to feel confident. Sports and activities provide children with the opportunity to have a positive, active and creative outlet and the space for you to engage with your child and talk about what they have learned. When dancing on a group sport such as dance classes or an individual activity such as private drum lessons, think about the beneficial skills your child could learn.

A major benefit of group classes is the opportunity or children to connect with others, form friendships, and learn how to interact with peers. Classes provide children with a sense of normalcy during these ever-changing times. As parents, we know the importance of routine and consistency. Most children feel safe and secure when they know what to expect and thrive with a structured routine. Anticipating weekly extracurricular activities positively impacts their mindset and builds excitement. Children thrive when they participate in physical play, and benefit from movement, connection and fun in their daily routine. Getting your child off the screen and giving them the opportunity to be physically active and connect with other is always a win.

To find an activity or class that your child will love, ask them what their interests are, and show them short videos demonstrating the sport or activity. Talk about options and try it at home if possible. These simple steps allow you to connect to your child's learning style and find out what they are interested in and what they are passionate about. Children learn by visual demonstrations (seeing), kinesthetic movement (doing) and auditory (listening). When determining the options available, talk to them about the class and ask them questions, show them what it looks like and do the activity with them, so you can make the best decision together. Inviting your child;'s input when picking a class makes them feel part of the decision-making process and gives them a sense of pride by using engaging conversation prompts such as 'tell me more' or 'what do you think?' will allow your child to feel empowered. Remember, kids love variety, so trying something new can be extra exciting.

I encourage you to jump in and have some fun, as we could all use some added excitement these days! You may also experience a boost of personal energy and increased harmony in your home as your child's confidence soars. It's a win for everyone! Investing in you child's extracurricular activities is invaluable and will always pay off.

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