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Summer Camps Create Fun

Give your child the gift of experiences

Just imagine… school is out, the sun is shining, and your children are bouncing off the walls with energy at home. You love them so much and want to create special memories, as this is your chance to spend quality time with them. You want to create a memorable summer for your kids, but also need a little ‘down time’ for yourself to rest and recharge.

Summer camps offer a great opportunity for your child to try something new, develop social skills and build confidence. Give your child the gift of experiences – summer camps are designed to keep your child active and engaged while building relationships and having fun.

Experiencing a variety of new environments with other children allows them to step outside of their comfort zone and learn how to adapt to new situations. Encouraging your child to meet new friends and to try new things is the best way to build their confidence. I believe confidence is the greatest gift we can give our children. With confidence, children can do amazing things!

“I believe confidence is the greatest gift we can give our children.”

If you are on the fence about signing your child up for a summer camp, remember that children love adventure and it is beneficial for them to have structure and routines over the summer. Children that are engaged are more emotionally healthy and have a greater capacity to respond well to situations. Having an outlet, such as a summer camp, fosters a space for them to be creative and express themselves in a positive way. If your child tends to be anxious or nervous about trying new things, gaining more experience in this area will allow them to gradually become more comfortable. Listening to their concerns, providing validation, and explaining why it’s important will help to instill in them that they are capable of hard things and are continually growing into a stronger person.

It is healthy for children to be physically active, mentally engaged and to play with other children to foster connection. Summer camps are short sessions that allow children to try new activities that they may want to pursue in the fall as extracurricular activities.

If you want your child to thrive through the summer and be ready to soar in the fall, give your child the chance to try it all. When your child steps outside of their comfort zone, they will learn and grow and you will see their confidence develop as they gain new skills, build relationships and make lasting memories.

If you’re still not sure, remember that when you get a little much-deserved time for yourself, you are also recharged and gain emotional capacity to be the best parent for your children. It’s a win-win situation for both of you!

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