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  • Music is Good for the Soul

    Whether it’s classical music, pop, hip-hop, or any other genre, music has the ability to evoke strong emotions and connect with us on a deep, soulful level. In this article, we’ll explore ways in which music enhances the art of dance, why music is good for the soul, and how it can bring us joy, peace, and comfort in our lives. The Role of Music in Dance Dance and music move together in a partnership, each working together to create something beautiful. A dancer has to use many tools to identify with the music they’re dancing to in order to perform at their best. Here are many different ways a dancer may connect to their music, both in a technical way as well as from an emotional perspective. Music provides dancers with a positive emotional outlet that gives them permission to express themselves in a healthy and proactive way. Rhythm and tempo Music provides the foundation for the rhythm and tempo of a dance. The beat and tempo of the music dictate the timing and movement of the dancers, and the rhythm helps the dancers stay on track and remain in sync with each other. Different dance styles, such as hip-hop, jazz, and ballet, have distinct rhythms and tempos and music can greatly impact the feel of a performance. For example, a fast-paced hip-hop beat might be accompanied by high-energy, athletic movements, while a slow and fluid jazz number might feature more smooth, graceful movements. Mood and energy Music can greatly influence the mood and energy of a dance performance. A classical piece of music might inspire a dramatic, sweeping ballet performance, while a high-energy pop song can inspire lively, energetic jazz dance. Music can evoke strong emotions in both the dancers and the audience, creating a connection between the performers and their audience. The audience will never remember the steps in a dance but they will always remember how the dance made them feel. Expression and storytelling Music can also serve as a tool for dancers to express themselves and tell a story through movement. A well-chosen piece of music can provide inspiration for the choreography and help the dancers bring the story to life through movement. As dance is an emotive art form, finding a connection to a song through movement provides the audience and dancer the ability to relate and resonate with the song’s meaning. Dance is an art that is created through music. Why Music is Good for the Soul Music’s therapeutic effects have been recognized for centuries and continue to be a source of solace, inspiration, and joy for people of all ages and cultures. Whether it's the lyrics, melody, or rhythm, music has the power to touch our souls and have a profound impact on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Here are some reasons why music is good for the soul. Emotional connection Music has the power to evoke deep emotions, from happiness and excitement to sadness and heartbreak. Whether it’s the lyrics of a song, the melody, or the rhythm, music can evoke memories, emotions, and experiences that are meaningful to us. The emotional connection we feel to music can be therapeutic and help us to process our feelings. Music helps us feel alive. Stress relief Music has been shown to have a calming effect on the body and mind. Listening to music may reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, and can help us relax and unwind after a long day. Whether it’s classical music, meditation music, or simply a favorite song, music can provide a soothing escape from the stress of daily life. Music helps our nervous system calm down and brings us back to ourselves. Enhancing creativity Music can also enhance creativity and boost imagination. Research has shown that listening to music can increase productivity, creativity, and motivation, making it an ideal tool for artists, writers, and creatives of all kinds. Whether you’re composing your own music, dancing, or simply listening to music, it has the power to inspire and ignite the creative spirit within us. Building community Music has the ability to bring people together, fostering a sense of community and belonging. From live concerts and music festivals to local jam sessions, music can bring people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds together to share a common experience. The shared love of music can create a sense of unity and belonging, strengthening bonds and fostering a sense of community. Music is good for the soul with its ability to suggest strong emotions, provide stress relief, enhance creativity, and bring people together. Whether you’re listening to your favorite tunes, composing your own music, or dancing to the beat, music has the power to uplift, inspire, and connect with us on a deep, soulful level. Next time you feel like you need a little boost, turn on some music and let it work its magic on your soul! If you want your child to experience fun and learn valuable skills that will benefit them in the future, dance may just be the answer Enrolling them in dance classes is an excellent choice! At Soul Connexion, our talented teachers are dedicated to helping children not only learn to dance, but also to become part of a supportive community. Our focus is on promoting your child's emotional and social growth, so they can thrive in all aspects of life. We encourage creativity and our instructors will inspire your child to dance with confidence, passion, and excitement. Music is so good for the soul.

  • The Importance of Teaching Children Inner Calm

    An important part of a child’s development is experiencing complex emotions such as stress and anxiety. As parents, we want to help our children find tools and resources to teach them healthy ways to handle these feelings. Finding inner calm, the ability to maintain calmness under pressure, can be an essential part of our toolbox as parents. When children find their inner calm, their ability to handle natural stresses becomes second nature. Children can learn to accept things as they are, respond in an emotionally mature way, and find success in management over their emotions. Here are a few benefits of why taking time to slow down and find calmness is essential for a child’s development: Emotional Stability Children who can find their inner calm can regulate their emotions, meaning they can manage stress and anxiety in a healthy way that bypasses feelings of overwhelm. Children can have control over their feelings and emotions, leading to emotional maturity and intelligence. Improved Focus and Concentration Inner calm allows kids to focus on the task at hand and improve their concentration. Especially important for children in school, inner calm can help them to learn and retain information better. Better Relationships Children are better able to communicate and interact with others in a positive way when they find their inner calm. Those who practice their ability to self-regulate can develop stronger relationships and fewer struggles with peers and family members. Physical Health Inner calm has an incredibly positive effect on physical wellness. Stress and anxiety can lead to creating physical symptoms in the body, and inner calm can help to alleviate these symptoms. Mental Health Just like physical health, inner calm can also have a positive effect on children’s mental health. Children who can find their inner calm are less likely to develop mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Inner Calm Strategies Here are a few strategies that are helpful to make moments count: inner calm can strengthen your connection to your kids, increase their calmness, and help them develop their confidence: Setting Goals Create a growth mindset with your children by asking them to set a goal in the morning. When you drive your kids to school or get them ready for the day, asking them to set an intention for the day creates the potential for the rest of the day. Inviting your children to think about something they can work towards allows them to see what is possible. When this happens, their brain will look for more possibilities during the day that will help them to achieve the goal they have chosen for that day and adopt a growth mindset. Quiet Time Quiet time or “no-screen” time fosters creativity and children can see the benefit of this either for a full day or certain hours each day. Children will be encouraged to use their imaginations, embrace play, and be creative. Although in the age of technology, this can be a stretch for kids, it creates space for them to explore and play with each other and enjoy being kids. When kids are creative, they can find solutions to problems rather than just see roadblocks. It’s okay for children to be bored and not entertained all the time; this is what creates creativity! Open Communication Teach your children communication skills so they can increase their confidence. When you have meals together, have each person share one thing about their day and ask a question to another family member. Remaining engaged in conversation and practicing active listening models communication for children. When we are present, our connection to others is strengthened, which allows our self-esteem to increase. Breathing Techniques Practicing slow, even breaths can help decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. Breathing techniques can help children feel calm so they can self-regulate and be in control of their emotions. Children need to be shown how to take deep breaths and how counting to 3 can allow their bodies to relax and their minds to reset. Exercise Consider a yoga class! Kids’ yoga classes are amazing at incorporating all of these skills and use games and activities to teach them how to take full deep breaths and calm their minds and body. In kids’ yoga classes, they will tap into their imaginations and learn stretches, postures, and poses to bring them balance and harmony, which they can use every day, all while having fun. Yoga is a great opportunity to learn mindfulness and tap into calmness and is great for children and adults alike. Validation Emotions take no less than seven seconds to be processed through the body after the chemicals have been released. It’s important to validate emotions and feelings when they come; inviting children to take deep breaths when they are upset, anxious, or sad, allows them to process their emotions and validate their feelings. When children are validated, they gain confidence. Teaching children how to process emotions is key to being able to connect back to their calmness. When children can experience calmness, have a growth mindset, and be able to communicate, it allows them to take on the stress and challenges of any day. When we give our children life tools they can use at any time, it allows them to feel confident about who they are and what they can accomplish. At Soul Connexion, we aim to create a supportive and uplifting atmosphere that makes us a popular choice for families. Our non-intimating environment welcomes all to feel comfortable and shine like a star. We believe that movement nourishes the soul, and our individualized teaching methods build confidence and encourage goal-setting in our students.

  • More than Dance Steps – Skills for Life

    Dance classes teach children skills for life. There are many benefits of dance including the development of social skills, learning respect and discipline, and the value of being a valuable member of a team. Children are never too young to start learning! If you are looking for a way to help your child learn important life skills, here are some skills that can be developed through dance classes. Discipline Dancing helps children develop self-discipline. Dance teaches children to be mindful of others and acknowledge authority by giving them a space to perform with good manners, great behavior, and self-control. In dance class, children are given the opportunity to learn how to manage new situations, make good decisions, and solve challenges. Discipline allows your child to handle difficulty and commit to everything they do. Teamwork Yes, dance is a team sport. In dance class, every dancer must follow the direction of the dance instructors, but also be aware of their teammates and work together as choreography is learned. Dancers listen to each other and follow directions. Dance is a sport that requires teamwork to achieve a common goal. Creativity Children are encouraged to engage in creativity when dancing. Dance is a space where they can act out their thoughts and express emotion and imagination. Creative children can think of new ideas and solve problems by thinking outside of the box. Exercising the use of creativity will increase their capacity for learning in other areas of life. Responsibility Dancing is about being responsible and hardworking. Dance can be learned and improved upon, but what sets a dancer apart from others is their hard work and dedication. Dancers who are responsible, know the importance of arriving on time and completing a proper warm-up before beginning their class or rehearsal. They understand the importance of commitment and regularly show up for all classes and rehearsals. Spatial Awareness The skill of spatial awareness is a key part of learning to dance. Spatial awareness is understanding the space around us. Dance teachers may use dots, shapes, or colours to guide children to stand in a specific space, so they can move and dance without bumping into another classmate. This teaches your child to be aware of their space and the personal “bubbles” of others. This is an important skill your child will use in school and on the playground when they interact with others. Listening Dancers use their listening skills in dance class. They need to pay careful attention to the dance instructor so they can learn the techniques and steps of each move. When dancers listen, they can stay on beat and enhance their musical talent. Good listening skills allow for children to succeed in school and create healthy communication with their peers, teachers and parents. Emotional When children experience challenges in their dance class, they will learn the skill of how to express themselves in a safe and healthy way. Dancers will also discover how to overcome their feelings and persevere. One of the greatest benefits of dance is to provide your child with the freedom to express and embrace their emotions with movements in a safe environment. The support dancers receive from their dance instructors will increase their self-esteem and confidence. Respect Respect for others is very important in a dance class setting. Dancers are taught to respect each other’s space, thoughts, and ideas, to listen to others, to take turns, to share and so much more. Dance provides a space where your child will feel comfortable, and gain confidence in themselves while respecting those around them. Are you looking for a great way for your child to have fun and develop important skills that will provide them with a great future? Dance classes are a fantastic option! At Soul Connexion, we have exceptional teachers that are trained to inspire your child not only how to dance, but how to be part of something much bigger! We believe in enhancing your child’s emotional and social development, so they can do well in all areas of their life. We inspire creativity and our teachers will motivate your child to dance with excitement, confidence, and passion.

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  • Dance Studio | Soul Connexion | Calgary

    Movement That's Good For the Soul SPRING CLASSES, SUMMER CAMPS & PROGRAMS are open for registration! STAY ACTIVE & HAVE FUN! SECURE YOUR SPOT TODAY. SPRING CLASSES SUMMER CAMPS & PROGRAMS Register Now for our 2023/2024 Season Calgary’s most inspiring studio that lets you come alive, connect inside, and feel the vibe. Are you looking for a program that will inspire your child? Soul Connexion was established over 14 years ago with a mission to inspire growth. We believe dance is more than steps - it's skills for life. We build students up and teach them life skills that go beyond the studio walls. ​ Come experience our dance, yoga, fitness, and fine arts club classes for children and adults. Our quality instruction, inspiring teachers, and beautiful facility serve communities in Northwest Calgary. We are conveniently located in Creekside shopping centre in Evanston. ​ ​ Learn More About Us Why Families Choose Soul Connexion Our positive and inspiring studio is one of the reasons why more people are choosing our studio. Experience a non-intimidating environment that encourages people to come as they are and feel like a star. We believe that movement is good for the soul. Our personal approach to instruction fosters self-confidence in our students and puts their goals in motion. ​ Come move with us and experience the connection. ​ "At Soul Connexion, Miss Cara, the Soul Sisters at the front desk and all of the dance teachers foster an inviting and inclusive atmosphere that promotes community and acceptance amongst the dancers and families. " - Kelly Revol ​ "Soul Connexion makes you feel like one of the family. The instructors genuinely care about and love each and every one of their students, treating them like absolute royalty. " - Sarah Harrington ​ "My daughter has gained skill, friendships, and confidence. Everyone at Soul Connexion has an inclusive, kind, and fun attitude while working hard." - Wendy Nevokshonoff Learn More About Our Team Here Featured In

  • ANNUAL DANCE REGISTRATION 2023-2024 | Soul Connexion

    Annual Dance 2023-2024 Registration ✔ 10-Months of fun ✔ 10 styles of dance offered ✔ Classes for ages 2+ Review our Master Schedules and Master List (organized by age) below then proceed to fill in our registration form to secure your spot. ​ One month of tuition and costumes will be charged at the time of registration. Monthly payments will begin on September 1, 2023. Package savings only apply to 55-minute classes. ​ Registration Dates for 2023/2024 Season Competitive Classes - April 24-26 Pre Competitive Classes - April 27-29 Annual Classes - May 1 -7 Open to Public - May 8 Click Here for Class for Ages 3-5 Click Here for Boys Classes Click Here for Class for Ages 6-8 Click Here for Class for Ages 8-10 Click Here for Class for Ages 10-12 Click Here for Class for Ages 13-15 Click Here for Class for Ages 14-16 Click Here for Class for Ages 16+ Fine Arts Club Classes for Ages 2-5 Master List (According to Ages) Registration Form 1-Month of tuition and costumes charged at the time of registration. Monthly payments begin September 1, 2023


    Annual Dance Need To Knows Thanks for choosing Soul Connexion for your child's dance class! Please read the details below for everything you need to know about your child's dance program. ​ Important Dates Winter Parent Virtual Viewing (December 4 to 10) Christmas Break - NO CLASSES (December 20 to January 2) Family Weekend - NO CLASSES (February 19 to 21) Spring Virtual Parent Viewing (March 16 to 22) Spring Break - NO CLASSES (April 15 to 21) May Long Weekend - NO CLASSES (May 21 to 23) Year-End Recital and Picture Week - TBA Last Week of Classes (June 13 to 19) ​ Studio Policy & Information Our mission at Soul Connexion is to inspire growth. We believe in kindness and ask for your support to ensure the studio stays positive. We are a NUT FREE studio. ​ Facebook Parent Group Stay connected and join our parent group for updates and reminders. JOIN THE GROUP HERE ​ Masks All students are required to wear a mask in the studio at all times. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to create a safe space for all of our students. ​ Handbook Download your Annual Dancer Handbook below to review everything you need to know. ​ The handbook will be released closer to the season start ​ ​ Dance Attire It is required for all Annual dancers to wear the proper dance attire for their class. For your convenience, you can purchase your dance attire at the studio as it is highly recommended to give your child the full dance experience. ​ VIEW DANCE ATTIRE HERE ​ Three Potential Scenarios of Class Delivery Based on Possible Restriction It is required for all Annual dancers to wear the proper dance attire for their class. For your convenience, you can purchase your dance attire at the studio as it is highly recommended to give your child the full dance experience. ​ Plan A - In-Person Classes with reduced spots and distancing – masking may be in effect Plan B - Hybrid rotation with alternating dancers in-studio and online Plan C - Fully Virtual - Government Mandate Closure with a full schedule of online classes We are committed to offering dance inside, outside, or online and will keep the connection alive. The full schedule and tuition remain. ​ Newsletters - Stay Informed Newsletters are sent monthly with updates. If you have not received one from registration, please update your contact information at the front desk. All receipts are emailed. We ask that you do not unsubscribe from any of our emails, as this is our way to keep you informed. ​ Payments Dancers are set up on a monthly payment plan. Payments will be processed on the 1st of each month until May 2022. ​ Additional Fees Recital tickets, dance attire, costumes, DVD's pictures, videos, dance attire, apparel, etc. ​ Soul Snack Bar Place a credit on your child’s account and they can purchase healthy snacks at the studio. ​ Competitive & Pre-Competitive Students Join our COMPETITIVE and PRE-COMPETITIVE parent Facebook groups to stay up to date on Competitive news and updates. ​ ​

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